Himalayan Heights: Discovering the Top 20 Treks in Himachal Pradesh


Nestled in the embrace of the mighty Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh stands as a trekker’s haven, offering a plethora of trails that wind through lush valleys, alpine meadows, and challenging terrains. This article is a guide to the top 20 treks in Himachal Pradesh, catering to everyone from beginners to seasoned adventurers, providing an opportunity to explore the unparalleled beauty of the Himalayan landscapes.

Best Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Easy Treks for Beginners

1. Triund Trek

The Triund Trek is a perfect initiation into the world of trekking. Just a short distance from McLeod Ganj, this trek offers panoramic views of the Dhauladhar range. The well-defined trail and moderate difficulty make it accessible to beginners, providing a rewarding experience amidst nature.

2. Beas Kund Trek

Starting from Solang Valley, the Beas Kund Trek is a gentle ascent to the source of the Beas River. This trek combines scenic landscapes with alpine meadows, providing a serene environment for beginners. The view of the Beas Kund, a glacial lake, is the highlight of this trek.

3. Bhrigu Lake Trek

Renowned for its surreal beauty, the Bhrigu Lake Trek takes you to an enchanting high-altitude lake. The moderate trail, starting from Gulaba, offers a diverse range of landscapes, including lush meadows and alpine forests, making it an ideal choice for beginners seeking a bit more challenge.

4. Prashar Lake Trek

Nestled at an altitude of 2,730 meters, the Prashar Lake Trek is a short and easy trek near Mandi. The trail meanders through dense forests and quaint villages, leading to the pristine Prashar Lake with a floating island. This trek is a delightful experience for those taking their first steps into the world of trekking.

Moderate Treks for Enthusiasts

5. Hampta Pass Trek

Connecting the Kullu and Lahaul valleys, the Hampta Pass Trek is a thrilling adventure. The trail offers diverse landscapes, from green valleys to barren landscapes, with the highlight being the dramatic ascent to the Hampta Pass. This trek is a moderate challenge suitable for enthusiasts looking to elevate their trekking experience.

Hampta Pass Trek

6. Kheerganga Trek

Known for its hot springs and mesmerizing landscapes, the Kheerganga Trek starts from Barshaini. The moderate trek takes you through dense forests, scenic meadows, and rustic villages, providing a perfect blend of adventure and tranquillity.

kheerganga trek

7. Malana Village Trek

For those seeking a unique cultural experience along with trekking, the Malana Village Trek is an excellent choice. Known for its distinct culture and traditions, Malana is reached by a moderate trek that offers stunning views of the Parvati Valley.

8. Kareri Lake Trek

Commencing from Dharamshala, the Kareri Lake Trek is a moderate trek that leads to the pristine glacial lake surrounded by snow-capped peaks. The trail passes through dense forests, charming meadows, and traditional Gaddi villages, offering a wholesome trekking experience.

Challenging Treks for Experienced Adventurers

9. Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Reserved for the seasoned adventurer, the Pin Parvati Pass Trek is a challenging high-altitude trek that traverses through the lush Parvati and Pin valleys. The trek demands physical endurance as it crosses the Pin Parvati Pass, offering unparalleled views of the surrounding peaks.

10. Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek

Starting from Jagatsukh near Manali, the Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek is a challenging expedition that takes you to the base of the Deo Tibba peak. The trek offers breathtaking views of the Pir Panjal range and lush green meadows.

11. Chandrakhani Pass Trek

Known for its panoramic views of the Kullu Valley and Parvati Valley, the Chandrakhani Pass Trek is a challenging endeavour. The trail meanders through dense forests, alpine meadows, and high-altitude landscapes, providing a diverse and exhilarating experience.

12. Bara Bhangal Trek

Regarded as one of the most challenging treks in Himachal Pradesh, the Bara Bhangal Trek takes you through remote landscapes and traditional villages. Crossing the Kalihani and Thamsar Passes, this trek demands both physical and mental resilience.

High-Altitude Treks for the Thrill-Seekers

13. Friendship Peak Trek

The Friendship Peak Trek is a thrilling high-altitude expedition near Manali. Climbing the Friendship Peak requires technical skills, and the trek rewards thrill-seekers with panoramic views of the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges.

14. Hanuman Tibba Trek

Standing tall at 5,982 meters, Hanuman Tibba is one of the highest peaks in Himachal Pradesh. The trek to Hanuman Tibba is a challenging high-altitude adventure that takes you through alpine meadows, glacial valleys, and rocky terrains.

15. Shitidhar Trek

Shitidhar, with its dramatic landscapes, is a challenging trek that starts from Solang Valley. Trekkers navigate through snowfields and rocky terrains to reach the summit, where breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks await.

16. Manimahesh Kailash Parikrama

A sacred journey for the devout, the Manimahesh Kailash Parikrama circumambulates the sacred Manimahesh Kailash Peak. This trek is not only a test of physical endurance but also a spiritual journey, offering glimpses of the pristine Manimahesh Lake.

Offbeat Treks for the Explorer’s Soul

17. Churdhar Trek

The Churdhar Trek, leading to the Churdhar Peak, is an offbeat trail that offers solitude and stunning views. The trek starts from Nohradhar and takes you through dense forests, providing a peaceful escape for the explorer’s soul.

18. Barot to Bir Trek

Connecting the picturesque villages of Barot and Bir, this offbeat trek offers a unique cultural experience. The trail passes through terraced fields, traditional villages, and dense forests, providing a glimpse into the local way of life.

19. Great Himalayan National Park Trek

For nature enthusiasts, the Great Himalayan National Park Trek is an offbeat gem. The trek explores the diverse ecosystems of the park, featuring alpine meadows, dense forests, and a variety of flora and fauna.

20. Kalihani Pass Trek

The Kalihani Pass Trek is an offbeat adventure that takes you to the high-altitude pass in the Bara Bhangal region. The trek is known for its challenging terrain, offering a unique experience for those seeking unexplored trails.


In conclusion, Himachal Pradesh unfolds as a trekker’s paradise, catering to a spectrum of adventurers, from novices to seasoned climbers. Each trek tells a story of diverse landscapes, vibrant cultures, and the unyielding spirit of the Himalayas. Whether you’re drawn to the serene meadows of Triund or the challenging heights of Pin Parvati Pass, Himachal Pradesh offers an expedition for every trekking enthusiast. So, lace up your boots, breathe in the mountain air, and embark on a journey that will not only test your physical limits but also introduce you to the unparalleled beauty of the Himalayan heights.


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