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What if you may explore the best delicious mouth-watering, rich food and dishes anywhere, the best cuisine and dishes for specific festivals and top delicious food of India and abroad from more comfort of your home, then waiting for what? Just pull up your chair and join The Wanderer India, here you may feel life is so delicious and amazing.

13 Easy Sandwich Recipes to Make For the Busy Day

From leaving for the office in haste to struggling to decide on the breakfast menu we all experience unusual stress that breaks the nerve. Starting a day with a wholesome meal is all that we desire.

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Indian Family Dinner Ideas to Bring the Family Together On One Table

In the hassle of life we hardly get time to spend quality moments with our family. From leaving early in the morning to having lunch at the office desk, the gruelling routine of life has devoid us sitting together at a family table.

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Healthy Muffins That Taste As Yummy As Cupcakes

Let me confess straightway that the child within me invokes instantly after seeing a platter full of yummy muffins. Does it happen with you too? If yes, then you are at the best place. Here is the list of healthy muffins that tastes as good as cupcakes.

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