8 Delicious Eateries Offering Unlimited Buffet in Delhi

8 Delicious Eateries Offering Unlimited Buffet in Delhi

Are you the type caught in a circle of sweet, savory, and sweet and savory desserts on every occasion? We Dilli wallas love everything extra, whether it’s the chance to get a discount on that dress we spotted or that additional pizza. This eternal love for an unending supply of pocket-friendly food has led us to find several restaurants in Delhi serving tasty platters at unbelievable prices. We believe you’ll want to try it, and here’s the list!

1. Da Pizza Planet

Undecided about what to order. Do you want pizza or pasta? What if we said that you could have all the delicious Italian dishes rolled into one Platter? It’s delicious, surely? This dreamy buffet has the best of everything, from adorable pizza toppings and pasta to their delicious pasta and pizzas, all topped with the perfect scoop of creamy ice cream. Take a trip to the restaurant and try having everything you want in one sitting. We’ll challenge you!

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2. Gareeb Di Hatti

If you visit this stand in Rohini, there will be a flurry of people enjoying their delicious Kathi Kebabs and Masala Kulcha. The most appealing thing is that you can devour all the spicy kulchas you like for around 149 rupees; isn’t that amazing? A perfect place for vegetarians. They have a delicious and delicious chaap. While you’re here, you should test the Soya Keema Momos If you have some room left!


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3. Lungiwala

Lungiwala’s fluffy Idlis and crisp fragrant dosas served with sambar or Chutney are light and satisfying that you’ll always return to these delicious dishes. The humble restaurant in Shahdara offers an endless South Indian Platter at an affordable price (just Rs 150!). If this weren’t enough for you, they offer this buffet deal for their delicious Chinese Platter, so make sure to stop in as soon as possible!

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4. Punjab Grill

A name that is synonymous with the delicious North Indian and Mughlai food. The restaurant is a blend of the taste of royalty and Sikh flavor. The food is delicious, tasty and stuffed with aromatic spices. The vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus should not be left out. The menu includes Salmon Tikka Tandoori Guchchi, Champ Taajdaar to Raan-E-Sikandari. They offer the best Punjabi food. Do not miss their Lassi, which is delicious.

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5. Jungle Jamboree

The restaurant, themed on the jungle, serves India’s first wide-ranging buffet of seven courses. One thing that is sure to surprise you is the live BBQ grill selections. The vegetarian starters are better than the non-veg versions. Go on their Salsa Potato, Sahi Galouti, Grilled Mushroom, Ajwain Machli, Murg Tikka and many more. The desserts are delicious as well.


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6. Royal Treat

Enjoying a warm tandoori tikka chicken cooking on the grill is always a good moment. The stall in question is great at appealing to us with its endless and affordable offering of Chicken Keema Kulcha. Chicken Keema Kulcha. The succulent Malai Chicken Tikka and The OG Butter Chicken will delight your taste buds thanks to the spicy flavor. So, get started!

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7. Butcus Cafe

Unlimited authentic meals, a cool atmosphere, and exotic cocktails, is it possible to have everything? You can at this adorable little cafe in Delhi NCR, serving an unlimited Chinese Buffet and their signature cocktails for only Rs.149. What makes this cafe stand out is the virtual reality experience, with hundreds of games available on Xbox and Xbox 360; if you are a gamer at home, you should definitely go check it out!

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8. Khandani Rajdhani

Do you want to try some authentic Rajasthani food? We’re looking forward to an extravagant meal with this khandani restaurant in CP, serving its customers for over 50 years. Its authentic Gatte Ki Sabzi and Dal Bati Churma served with some Gujarati specialties like Gujarati Dal Kadhi and the soft Dhokla, are the most memorable dishes of this enormous thali. You should make room for their sweet treats – Aamras and Walnut Halwa, and all of it starts at just Rs 299! So padharo!

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So get ready to take on your foodie pals to some tasty food that won’t break the budget with unlimited buffet in Delhi!


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