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The weekend is not an ordinary day; it’s a day of celebrating laziness. The weekend helps us attain all that we fail to do in the working days. From leaving for the office in haste to coming home late, this ponderous routine continues to break us mentally as well as physically throughout the week. The weekend is the only day we eagerly await from the beginning of the week. Weekend means waking up late in the morning, going for outings, and indulging in our favorite dishes. Why go out when we can make most of our weekend at home? The weekend begins late following a late breakfast and lunch. In the middle of these two meals, we can indulge in the current favourite meal called brunch. 


Delectable Brunch Ideas

Brunch is a meal that can be eaten in the late morning as a combination of breakfast and lunch. Almost every restaurant has included brunch in their menu to serve to their clients. While going out for a brunch is an interesting idea, savouring our favorite dishes with our favorite people in the comfort of home is beyond words. Here is the list of delectable brunch ideas that are enough to give a scintillating start to a day.


1. Pancakes

Soft, fluffy, and yummy pancakes are an ideal brunch meal that is sure to please everyone. A pancake is a thin round cake usually made with a mixture of flour, milk, and eggs. The kid’s favourite cake goes well with maple syrup, chocolate sauce, and fruits.


2. Bread Pizza

Cheese-loaded bread pizza is nothing but a treat to kick start a healthy day as the pizza is made with healthy veggies such as capsicum, mushroom, and corn. The spicy seasoning on the top enhances the taste and joy of eating. 


3. Paneer Paratha

The most preferred breakfast meal of every Indian household has countless variants and this one is beyond words. Pair up paneer paratha with homemade green chutney and mango pickle to augment the taste.


4. Whole Wheat Pasta

The healthy version of pasta is rich in fibre and phosphorous. The easy-to-make brunch meal is good for health as it is lower in calories and higher in iron. Tossed in spicy tomato and mushroom sauce, the pasta is sure to refresh the mood.


5. Veg Frankie

Weekend means a break from the kitchen and a brunch meal made with leftover loaves is all that we look for. The popular street food of India hardly takes ten minutes to satiate the morning craving.


6. Egg Muffins

Delectable muffins made with eggs and vegetables will surely add more delight to the weekend. Crispy bell papers bursting out at the top taste well when served with piquant dip and sauce. 


7. Moonglet 

Moonglet is nothing but a vegetarian omelette made with a thick batter of mung beans. Garnished like pizza with paneer, vegetable, and tangy seasoning, Moonglet tastes better when accompanied by chilli sauce. 


8. Masala omelette

The masala omelette takes an assortment of aromatic spices and vegetables such as onion, coriander, and eggs. The delicious version of the omelette is a great way to spice up the brunch. Just like the other omelettes, the masala omelette is served with naan, plain paratha, and bread.


9. Mixed Sprout Poha

The mixture of dry ingredients and sprouts is a healthy brunch meal that tastes as good as normal poha. A light meal is made with peanuts, onions, sprouts, and spices. If you love to diet then this delicious sprout poha can be your perfect cheat meal.


10. Vegetable Sandwich

A vegetable sandwich is one of the easy brunch meals that suit the one who is unfamiliar with the art of cooking. The veggies such as onion, tomato, corn, and capsicum drenched in mayonnaise and further spread over the butter toasted bread are all that we need for a vegetable sandwich.


11. Medu Vada

The popular south Indian dish looks more like a doughnut and has numerous variants. Made with a thick batter of soaked urad dal and fried until the outer layer is crisp. The crispy round balls will definitely take you on a tour of south India.


12. Puri Sabzi 

Puri sabzi is a favourite festive dish of India that is enough to make a weekend more ravishing. The fluffy, crispy, and soft puri fried in hot oil pique the tantalizing taste in the mouth when served with spicy aloo sabzi.


13. Avocado Toast

The healthy mashed avocado is spread over the toasted bread along with peppers, salt, and lemon juice. Adorn your morning platter with this popular American breakfast and give your day a refreshing start.


14. Scrambled Eggs

The scrambled eggs are all that you never want to miss out on. Relying on the omelette each time does not sound well for the taste. Experimenting with dishes is all that Indians love to do.  The onion, chilli, and preferred veggies make this recipe a must-try.


15. Thepla

 The favourite Gujarati breakfast is all about spices. The soft dough of flour combined with onion, garlic, and fenugreek leaves is nothing but a delight. The small sound balls of dough rolled thin and roasted with butter are a colourful brunch meal to indulge in.


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