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Have you seen the popular Bollywood movie ‘Chennai Express’? The movie enthrals the audience with the beautiful train journey and exhibits the exceptional locations from Mumbai to Rameswaram. Well, the trend of the train journey is not new in Indian movies. There are numerous movies that take us through majestic views and exquisite sites. The train scenes shown in the movies incite our craving to take up a train journey.

We all have some memories associated with the rail journey. From reaching stations early to waiting for the train to arrive on the platform, each moment is indelible. The rail journey to ethereal routes gives us memories of a lifetime. Those who love to board on the train then check out the list of Indian rail journeys that are going to win your hearts.

1. Kalka – Shimla

The train route from Kalka to Shimla is about 96 km and passes through picturesque locations. If you happen to be an adventure lover, then the train journey from Kalka to Shimla will blow your mind. The beautiful mountains, valleys, dense forests, rustic land, long pine trees will keep you engrossed in the beauty until you reach Shimla. The toy train from Kalka to Shimla is nothing but a treat for the journey as it invokes the child within us. The train stops at different intervals for a short time to experience the latent beauty of nature. 

2. Jalgaipuri – Darjeeling 

The mountainous train journey helps traverse the elevated landscapes and thrilling altitudes. The train passes through aromatic tea gardens and is a proud UNESCO Site. Surrounded by the dense forests, the train helps experience heaven on earth. From Jalgaipuri to Darjeeling, the train takes us through surreal locations and magnificent sights. 

3. Mumbai – Goa

From Sahyadri hills to the Arabian Sea, the train presents the most captivating visuals of nature. As the train inches closer to the destination, the eyes get mesmerized and the heart gets filled by the joy. The breathtaking locations refresh the mood and kindle the never-ending longing. Ranging from two popular travel destinations, the rail journey is a life-changing experience. 

4. Mandapam – Rameswaram

With evolvement in technology, we have been able to connect the different corners of the land, and moving over the depth of the water seems to be thought-provoking. The train journey from Mandapam to Rameswaram gives an insight into wonderful views and sceneries as it is one of the dangerous train routes in the world.  The train journey drifts across the thin bridge and displays a beautiful view of blue water and orange sky. 

5. Jodhpur – Jaisalmer

Another tempting train journey on the barren and rugged land feels like the land has no end. The sand dunes, the clear sky, and the sultry weather will provoke your enduring power. The train compasses through appalling land before reaching the stop. The incessant desert overwhelms the journey with pleasing sunset and scenic view.

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6. Guwahati – Silchar 

This train journey tracks through lush green forests, dense tea gardens, and steep ways. The dazzling water edge on one side and green land on the other side, adds more charm to the journey. The train changes its routes from different weather that soothes the mind and body as well. The journey of 400 km takes us through uninterrupted and idyllic views.

7. Matheran – Neval 

The pollution of the city at times exhausts the mind and finding peace in the hassle of the city is impossible. To relieve the stress of a busy life head on an exciting train journey that is free from all sorts of pollution and helps to inhale the fresh air of the atmosphere. The train journey traverses through thick green forests and covers a distance of over 20 km. 

8. Kanyakumari – Trivandrum 

All the colours of nature can be experienced at one place and the train journey through long coconut trees exhilarates the passengers. The short journey from Kanyakumari to Trivandrum is fraught with fun and contention. The train takes us through beautiful villages and pristine lakes. The blue sky over the green land is nothing but a treat to watch.

9. Jammu – Baramulla

We all have seen the train passing through green valleys and rugged lands but a train journey in the cold and snowy area seems to be a dream. The rail journey from Jammu to Baramulla is extremely dotting in the winter season as the heavy snowfall makes everything white and hazy. The high-rise mountains pass and composed land stretch makes the journey worth seeing.

10. Vishakhapatnam – Araku Valley

The interesting expedition from the alluring Eastern Ghats to lush green valleys is all that one desires to watch while on a train journey. The train goes through vigorous coffee plantations and cherishes the soul with its pleasant route. The zigzag paths are imbued with one of the finest picturesque locations. 


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