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Nobody could have ever imagined that there would come a time when the entire world will be put under lockdown. This unexpected and deleterious pandemic disconnected people from their social life. People under the lockdown have gone through a lot. From mental boredom to physical stress, the human body has confronted numerous problems. 

Before the pandemic, people were free to travel to any corner of the world. People had a social life and gatherings. People used to visit their friends and plan trips with family. But the stringent restrictions of lockdown have precipitated the normal life of people. After a duration of two years, several Indian States have started lifting travel bans and are welcoming new tourists to their lands.

If you are exhausted with the monotonous routine of life and planning to make a long weekend with your family and friends, then you have reached the perfect place. Here is the list of amazing Indian locations where you can make long weekend travel plans. 

1. January – New Year’s Weekend

31st December (Friday) – Take a Leave

1st January (Saturday) – New Year’s Eve

2nd January (Sunday) – Relieve the Party Exhaustion

Best Place to Visit – Jodhpur

The land of kings and kingdoms houses one of the oldest historical sites of India. Famously known as the blue city, Jodhpur exhibits the rich culture of India. The halcyon deserts, the luxurious monuments, the leafy gardens attract tourists across the nation. The deserted regions of Jodhpur promise the distinctive sights of sunrise and sunset. 

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2. February – Mahashivratri

26th February (Saturday)

27th February (Sunday)

28th February (Monday) – Take a Leave

1st March (Tuesday) – Mahashivratri

 Best Place to Visit – Ahmedabad

The former capital of Gujarat, Ahmadabad is one of the famous cities in India. If you love savouring delectable snacks and sweets, then Ahmadabad is all that you were looking for. Ahmadabad proposes a wide range of drool-worthy snacks. From khaman Dhokla to undhiyupuri, each food will make you drool. Located on the banks of the Sabarmati River, Ahmadabad houses several historical sites. 

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3. March – Holi Weekend

17th March (Thursday) – Holika Dahan

18th March (Friday) – Take a Leave

19th March (Saturday) – Holi

20th March (Sunday) – Relieve the Holi Exhaustion

Best Place to Visit – Hampi

One of the oldest cities of India, Hampi is home to traditional temples and historical ruins. The old temples, exceptional sculptures, alluring monuments are nothing but a treat to watch. Hampi is the perfect place to plan long weekends during winters as the climate is quite charming and calm. 

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4. April – Good Friday Weekend

14th April (Thursday) – Vaisakhi

15th April (Friday) – Good Friday

16th April (Saturday)

17th April (Sunday) 

Best Place to Visit – Tawang

All the nature lovers, who love to explore the beauty of nature, will definitely find solace in Tawang. Situated in the lapse of nature, Tawang presents a series of beautiful sights. Nestled among the elevated mountains, Tawang is one of the famous hill stations in India. The dense lakes, the transparent sky, and the lush green forests are going to paint your heart red.

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5. May – Eid-ul-Fitr, Buddha Purnima

30th April (Saturday) – Take a Leave

1st May (Sunday) – Head to a Weekend Trip

2nd May (Monday)

3rd May (Tuesday) – Eid-ul-Fitr

14th May (Saturday)

15th May (Sunday)

16th May (Monday) – Buddha Purnima

Best Place to Visit – Cherrapunji

Located in the heart of Meghalaya, Cherrapunji offers several picturesque. The wettest land on earth, Cherrapunji receives the highest rainfall in the world. If you love to bathe in rain then c Cherrapunji is an ideal travel destination for you. Cherrapunji is one of the most beautiful places in India as it houses natural and man-made lakes. The soothing mountains, the clear sky, and the pleasant weather will steal your heart.

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6. July – Rath Yatra (Restricted Holiday)

1st July (Friday) – Rath Yatra

2nd July (Saturday)

3rd July (Sunday)

Best Place to Visit – Guwahati 

Whenever we plan a trip to the North-East, the beautiful city of Assam always tops the chart. Nestled in the foothills of Shillong Plateau, Guwahati promises a series of captivating sights. The spiritual city of India houses one of the prominent temples and historical monuments. Guwahati is a perfect place to plan long weekends during the monsoon season as the heavy rain will make you experience the wonderland on earth. 

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7. August – Muharram, Raksha Bandhan, Independence Day, Janmashtami

5th August (Friday) – Take a Leave

6th August (Saturday)

7th August (Sunday)

8th August (Monday) – Muharram

11th August (Thursday) – Raksha Bandhan

15th August (Monday) – Independence Day

19th August (Friday) – Janmashtami

Best Place to Visit – Srinagar

Widely referred to as the heaven of earth, Srinagar presents the natural beauty of India. The majestic lakes, the vigorous mountains, and the elevated lands are some of the fascinating tourist spots in Srinagar. The serenity of Srinagar will make you forget the worries of life. The captivating houseboats are going to take you to a fairyland. 

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8. September – Onam (Restricted Holiday)

8th September (Thursday) – Onam 

9th September (Friday)

10th September (Saturday)

11th September (Sunday)

Best Place to Visit – Darjeeling 

Encircled by the elevated ridges, Darjeeling houses the popular tea gardens, pictorial lakes, and the refreshing hills. India is one of the largest producers of Tea in the world and Darjeeling contributes a lot to it.  Darjeeling produces the delectable and aromatic tea that is enough to make you fall in love with it. The popular monasteries of Darjeeling add the essence of love and spirit. 

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9. October – Gandhi Jayanti, Dussehra, Diwali, Bhai Dooj

1st October (Saturday) – Take a Leave

2nd October (Sunday) – Gandhi Jayanti

3rd October (Monday) – Ashtami

4th October (Tuesday) – MahaNavmi

5th October (Wednesday) – Dussehra

22nd October (Saturday) – Dhanteras

23rd October (Sunday) 

24th October (Monday) – Diwali

25th October (Tuesday)

26th October (Wednesday) – Govardhan Pooja, Bhai Dooj

Best Place to Visit – Ranthambore

The earth is a home to different creatures and spices, if you are someone who loves to perform adventurous activities then Ranthambore is a paradise for you. Ranthambore is a notable national park located in Rajasthan that hosts lush green forests and wildlife. It houses a variety of animals such as Indian Leopard, Bengal Tiger, Wolf, Black Buck. The tropical forests and bushlands enchant travellers across the globe. 

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10. November – Guru Nanak Jayanti

5th November (Saturday) – Take a Leave

6th November (Sunday)

7th November (Monday)

8th November (Tuesday) – Guru Nanak Jayanti

Best Place to Visit – Amritsar

Amritsar welcomes thousands of pilgrims each year for the celebration of Guru Purab. The pilgrims gather to taste the communal meal served in the holy Golden Temple. Amritsar receives immense heat during the summer season. So, take a visit to this sacred place during winters from November to December.

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11. December – Christmas, New Year’s Day

25th December (Sunday) – Christmas Eve

31st December (Saturday) 

1st December (Sunday) – New Year’s Day

Best Place to Visit – Panjim

The capital city of Goa, Panjim is an ideal travel destination for all party lovers. Located on the banks of the Mandovi River, Panjim welcomes millions of tourists across the globe. Fort Aguada, Se Cathedral, and Santadurga Temple are among the prominent tourist attractions in Panjim. If you love basking in the sun and watching the day pass off then the enamouring beaches of Panjim are waiting for you.


Get out of the boring routine of life and plan a long and exciting weekend in 2022. Create new memories of life by visiting the above-listed places. 


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