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Who does not love to save money, especially for travelling? There is a misconception that travelling is an extravagant affair. But it can be as economical as you want it to be. Just a bit of smart planning and effective ideas are required to save money to enjoy a fun-filled trip. 

Travelling is something that helps us traverse the best sights of nature but budget dampens the joy. Instead of spending a huge amount of money at one time, we all should save as much money as possible to plan a thrilling journey. After all, every drop makes an ocean. We cannot neglect the budget, but we can look for ideas that help us make most of our travel and that too under budget. Here are the smart ways that will surely help you save up money to travel. 

Best ways to save money – 


1. Avoid Buying Redundant Stuff

People spend a lot of money buying stuff that might not come useful while travelling. So, instead of wasting money on unnecessary stuff, try to save it to indulge in the best activities possible. Carry two or three sets of clothes and rotate them occasionally. Buy one pair of shoes that is thrifty and durable. All in all, avoid buying redundant staff. 

2. Go For Off-Season

Most of the time travelling completely depends on the seasons and holidays. But instead of travelling during holidays, opt for the off-season. It will surely help you save money as the accommodation and travel charges are comparatively less. During the off-season, hotel owners make their properties available at cheap rates to attract travellers. Travelling in the off-season allows you to book economical tickets and hotels can be rented at a discounted rate. 

3. Decide Your Travel Mode

From airways to roadways, there are numerous travel modes that one can opt to travel. Travelling by flight might be pocket-shaking as the flight charges are a bit higher as compared to bus charges. If you are travelling to a nearby place, so go for the bus or train. Travelling by bus or train journey will surely help you experience the best locations and sights of nature. Another advantage offered by travelling on a bus or train is that you get plenty of time to read favourite books, listen to music, and take a nap. 

4. Book Thrifty Hotels

Ranging from expensive to thrifty, all sorts of hotels are littered everywhere and good research helps us book a thrifty stay. Hotels are the best money savers as they offer private rooms at a cheap rate. Booking a thrifty hotel room means having extra money to travel for a longer time and indulging in your favourite activities. Budget hotels also offer delicious food and have everything to cater to the clients. 

5. Curtail Shopping and Take Photos Instead

Shopping is the favourite activity of everyone. Shopping helps in buying the best and most popular stuff of the place we are travelling to. Buying things and keeping them as a souvenir is a common thing but instead of spending money on shopping, try to invest in a good quality camera to capture the best moments of your travel. Photos do not make your luggage heavy but stuff does. Well, it is not at all necessary to avoid shopping for cheap stuff. If your budget allows then go ahead with your shopping plans.

6. Opt for Walking Rather Than Hiring a Private Vehicle

Well, money can help you have the best experience of travelling but when you are running short of money you ought to avoid unnecessary expenses. Walking can surely help you curtail travel expenses and offer countless health benefits. Walking is the best way to explore a new city and helps save money. If the place you are about to head out is at hand then opt to walk rather than hire a private vehicle. 

7. Plan A Smart Itinerary That Does Not Cost You Money

Travelling does not mean residing in a hotel and exploring the nearby views. It means exploring the best sights and places of the destination we are travelling to. The best thing we all can choose to save money is by planning a smart itinerary that includes a cost-free expedition. Look for places that are either cost-free or under budget.

8. Bargain Hard

Bargaining is not at all easy; it requires a lot of effort to convince a person to reduce the profit margin but negotiation is the best thing that can help you save a lot to travel. Do not feel shy to bargain; after all, it is going to win you money.


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