Top 10 Viral Videos That Broke The Internet in 2021 | The Wanderer India

2021 was about social media and sharing each part of our lives. Nowadays, everyone approaches a cell phone and the web, and we experience a daily reality such that it’s too simple to even consider shooting ourselves.

With an ever-increasing number of individuals stuck to their telephones, our computerized and mortal lives appeared to have consolidated, and we pretty much live on the web however much we do in the genuine world.

And keeping in mind that all of that might sound somewhat philosophical, it very well may be said without question that these progressions have finished in reality as we know it where individuals are ceaselessly recording their lives.

Visuals that we would not have in any case at any point seen now find a decent right on target the web since someone tried to open their camera application.

The internet, thus, is brimming with an assortment of content, and these viral Indian videos of 2021 are a little window to anybody in the future who’d need to think back on this train-wreck of a year. The Wanderer India Presents top 10 viral videos of 2021.

1. Rasode me kon tha

2. The Throw That Won India a Gold – Neeraj Chopra

3. Pawri Ho Rahi Hai

4. Bachpan Ka Pyar

5. The 5 Year Old Covid Warrior

6. Doctors in PPE kits dance to Sochna Kya song to cheer up COVID patients

7. Perfect Reaction of Cute Girl when flying with her pilot father for the first time!

8. Sadda Kutta tommy, Twada kutta kutta

9. This adorable girl from Kashmir had a very special message for “Modi Saab.”

10. Medical students from Kerala dance to Rasputin


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