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1. Breaking Bad (2008–2013)

– IMDb Rating: 9.5 

The widely praised AMC series “Breaking Bad” transformed Walter White into a symbol and shot Bryan Cranston into faction status for his depiction of the secondary teacher turned-meth-head honcho. Cranston won four Primetime Emmy Awards for the job. It’s viewed as one of the best TV shows ever, has become the most-watched satellite TV show on American TV, and is most widely praised ever. 

2. Game of Thrones (2011-2019)

– IMDb Rating: 9.3 

In view of George R.R. Martin’s cherished series of books, “A Song of Ice and Fire,” this megahit HBO series basically took on its very own existence. The Emmy Award-winning archaic dream epic followed the fatal experiences of two amazing families as they fought for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. It oftentimes tested “The Sopranos” in viewership appraisals during its initial four seasons. The show roused authorized products, games, reproduction covering, and helped deals of the first books. 

3. Narcos (2015–2018)

– IMDb Rating: 8.8 

One of the most famous unique shows on Netflix, “Narcos” was a grasping dramatization that followed the genuine accounts of the Colombian medication exchange of the last part of the 1980s. While seasons one and two zeroed in on the notorious medication top dog Pablo Escobar, season three got after his fall and the ascent of Cali Cartel. The series has been selected for a few honours and generated a side project in Narcos: Mexico. 

4. House of Cards (2013–2018)

– IMDb client rating: 8.8 

“House of Cards,” which is frequently referred to as the contextual analysis for Netflix and the new time of TV created dependent on “huge information,” was a transformation of the 1990 BBC miniseries of a similar name. The acclaimed political spine chiller, which featured Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, suspended creation after claims of rape and provocation emerged as an opponent of Spacey, at that point disavowed the entertainer for good. Its last season dropped in November 2018. 

5. Stranger Things (2016–present)

– IMDb Rating: 8.8 

The Duffer siblings made this marvellously effective ’80s unique spine-chiller series for Netflix in the late spring of 2016. It started social unrest that supported deals of Eggo waffles, left fans stressed over Barb, and had crowds asking for additional after marathon watching meetings. 

6. Friends (1994–2004)

– IMDb Rating: 8.9 

At the point when Joey, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe—played by the remarkable outfit cast of Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, and Lisa Kudrow—got together in “Companions,” it was TV sorcery. One of the most mainstream sitcoms ever, the show acquired 62 Primetime Emmy assignments, winning for the Outstanding Comedy Series in 2002. It dispatched the TV and movie professions of the entirety of its cast individuals, and started the fleeting side project, “Joey.” 

7 – The Big Bang Theory (2007–2019) 

– IMDb Rating: 8.1 

A lady who moves into a condo over the corridor from two splendid yet socially abnormal physicists gives them how little they think about existence outside of the research centre. 

8 – How I Met Your Mother (2005–2014) 

– IMDb Rating: 8.3 

A dad describes to his youngsters – through a progression of flashbacks – the excursion he and his four closest companions took paving the way to him meeting their mom. 

9 – The Wire (2002–2008) 

– IMDb Rating: 9.3 

The Baltimore drug scene, as observed through the eyes of street pharmacists and law authorization. 

10 – Sherlock (2010–2017) 

– IMDb Rating: 9.1 

An advanced update finds the renowned detective and his primary care physician accomplice explaining wrongdoing in 21st century London.


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