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These travel enthusiasts know how to make every picture beautiful, they are passionate about travel, and they know how to travel stylishly. If you plan to fly to Bali, take an African safari trip or explore southern France, it is recommended that you do so indirectly through these members of the plane. These adventurous netizens will provide you favourites with advice on where to stay, what to eat and how to live like a local. 

In the process, be sure to collect their tips and tricks to get the perfect shot for the next adventure. Get ready for big travel envy, these feeds are no jokes. These are the top 10 Instagram travel accounts that we are following right now. 

1. @earthpix

EarthPix is a collection of some of the best travel photos on Instagram. This is a great way to see endless eyes, whether you are looking for stunning snow-capped mountains, happy beaches, or images from around the world, the most enchanting city. 

2. @beautifuldestinationinations 

This is an incredible travel photography distribution centre that has attracted almost 9 million followers in this critical Instagram influencer community, and this is the reason for this account. “Beautiful Destination” is one of the seven records for the most beautiful things in the world (from hotels to clothes to food), and let everything within your reach attract you. Your main account is the content we’ve been obsessed with for hours at a time; We can’t find enough places to travel, and the amazing stuff is enough to show that their network of talented photographers has been captured. 

3. @loic.lagarde 

Loic Lagarde’s photographs come from another world. He has collected many beautiful images from explorations around the world to truly show his photography skills. You can follow everyone from Paris to Patagonia through his account. 

4. @discoversoneva

Soneva is one of my favourite holiday destinations in the world, it is the holy grail of luxury travel for many Instagram and (social media) celebrities because it provides unparalleled photo opportunities. Soneva’s Instagram page is one of the most followed hotel accounts in the world, and it provides daily updates with photos, which makes us eager for the next holiday. 

5. @pilotmadeleine

Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach lives in Munich and spends most of her time in the air. After obtaining a pilot’s license, it was difficult for him to find an airline job, so he guided his love of flying and travel to another profession. Today, she is one of the most popular travel influencers on Instagram, sharing amazing snapshots of destinations such as Santorini and Cappadocia. 

6. @emmett_sparling

Emmet has experienced more exciting adventures than most of us have ever seen, whether it is suspended by a helicopter on a Hawaiian volcano, or sliding down a Swiss glacier at sunset, or sinking Enter the cave in Java. By sharing his incredible experience with gorgeous photography, Emmet has now become one of the fastest-growing adventure travel photographers on Instagram. 

7. @ostleblanc

Christian LeBlanc is a Vancouver resident. He quit his accounting job at the age of 22, moved to Asia, and lived as a “broken backpacker” for a year, after which his social media business began to take off. Today, the 26-year-old young man named after “Lost LeBlanc” has created impressive travel content for his over 1 million YouTube users and 600,000 Instagram followers. 

8. @jeremyaustiin

Jeremy Austin (Jeremy Austin) is a high-end travel content creator based in Miami. He has taken great photos of most tropical destinations for more than 300,000 followers. He is the partner of another world traveller @missangievilla who often appears in his photos. Before the Instagram business took off, Jeremy was a personal trainer in Miami Beach, and Angie was a model working with clothing and lifestyle brands. 

9. @calsnape

Calsnape allows professional photographers and filmmakers to capture every corner of the world most surprisingly and unexpectedly. Callum Snape is headquartered in Vancouver, so you can look forward to the magnificent scenery of snowy mountains, Arctic wonders, and dreamy lakes. 

10. @thewandererindia 

The Wanderer India provides a unique and beautiful travel experience. They believe in changing the way the world experiences the world. Explore her Instagram and feel the beauty of nature through her posts.


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