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From leaving for the office in haste to struggling to decide on the breakfast menu we all experience unusual stress that breaks the nerve. Starting a day with a wholesome meal is all that we desire. But the morning hassle does not allow us to stand in the kitchen to prepare an hour-long meal. Under the circumstance, women scramble the most as they have to deal with the tantrum of their little ones. Children want their morning meal to be excited and moreover tasty. To alleviate your morning struggle, here is a list of sandwich recipes that are only healthy but also delectable to make up the morning joy. These sandwich recipes require ingredients that are easily available in the kitchen pantry and hardly take fifteen minutes to get ready.


1. Grilled Vegetable Sandwich 

The most common variety of the sandwich comes with the goodness of health as it is made with lots of green veggies. The green leafy vegetables like cabbage and lettuce with finely chopped onion rings make this sandwich an ideal morning meal. 


2. Aloo Grilled Sandwich

The most easily available ingredient is the star of a variety of Indian dishes. Similarly, the boiled potato combined with minced onions and coriander assist in creating a new version of the sandwich. All you need mashed potatoes and tangy herbs spread over the bread slices and your go-to meal are ready.


3. Omelet Sandwich

The astonishing sandwich prepared with omelette tastes better when served with a tangy sauce. The recipe for the omelette sandwich is simple and hardly takes ten minutes to come to your platter. Make this delicious sandwich a quick meal for your busy morning. 


4. Bombay Veg Sandwich

You can bring the famous snack of Mumbai to your platter within a few minutes without even going to the city. To make this delectable sandwich cut the onions and tomatoes into small round pieces and smother them between the slices of bread. Add herbs and spicy seasoning on the top to enhance the taste and joy. Apply green chutney on the bread slices to bring the best taste of the Bombay veg sandwich.


5. Cheese Sandwich

The cheese sandwich is nothing but a treat to indulge for a lazy day. The stuffing is totally your choice as you can include veggies like spinach, carrot, and onions. Place the cheese slices between the whole grain bread and your tea-time snack is ready.


6. Chocolate Sandwich

The kid’s favourite chocolate can be used to make this delicious sandwich. The melted chocolate bursting out from the bread slices is all that children love to have. Add choco chips to make the sandwich crunchy and a chocolate sandwich is the perfect party snack for the children. 


7. Curd Sandwich 

If you do not have cheese cubes and mayo then use curd to make a sandwich. A curd sandwich is the best substitute for paneer sandwiches and tastes as good as other sandwiches. Toast the bread in the toaster or griddle and spread the curd stuffing on the bread slices.


8. Anda Burji Sandwich

The delectable sandwich can be prepared easily with the leftover anda bhurji. The spices used to increase the taste are comfortably available in the kitchen pantry. The recipe for the sandwich is easy and goes well with the chilly sauce.


9. Corn Cheese Sandwich

The spicy, tasty, and mushy sandwich tastes almost like a corn pizza as corn is the main ingredient. Assemble corn, cheddar cheese, veggies, and seasonings in a bowl and spread on the buttered bread slices. Another party snack is ready to amplify the fun.


10. Tomato Onion Sandwich

Craving for something tasty that can be prepared in a blink then a tomato-onion sandwich will surely win your heart. The Tomato onion sandwich is one of the easiest meals made with common ingredients present in every household kitchen. The sandwich is usually accompanied by spicy sauce and chilly chutney.


11. Fried Egg Sandwich

The perfect sandwich for the sudden craving is stuffed with fried eggs between the bread slices. Add onions to experience crispiness in every bite. Give your day a refreshing start with this savoury and tangy sandwich.


12. Vegetable Club Sandwich

As the name suggests, the delicious sandwich is the congregation of healthy veggies. The vegan sandwich is an ideal breakfast, brunch, and party meal to serve to family and friends. The delectable sandwich will leave you licking your fingers.


13. Mayonnaise Veg Sandwich

A mayonnaise veg sandwich is the best substitute for a curd sandwich. Colourful vegetables such as carrot, onion, corn, and coriander highlight the taste. Butter roasted bread adds crunch in biting and tastes better. The favourite street food goes well with chutney and spicy sauce.


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