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Looking for the best places for romantic places for Valentine date night in India?

Love is not just a feeling but an essence that holds the spirit of life. People say that love is the purest and most beautiful thing that ever existed on earth. I think they say it right. Love has the power to melt even the hardcore stone. Love is the foundation of every relationship. Be it a relationship of siblings, friends, and family, the one thing that keeps us united is ‘love’.

Famously known as the festival of love, Valentine’s Day is imminent and couples are animated to celebrate this festival with fervour and passion. Valentine’s Day is usually celebrated on the 14th of February of every year but Valentine’s Week began on the 7th of February and lasts till the 14th of February. Valentine’s Day symbolizes love and affection. It is widely popular among the youth but people of all age groups love to celebrate this festival with their beloved ones. 

It is believed that Valentine’s Day was first originated in Rome and named after the Roman saint Valentine. On Valentine’s date night, people exchange gifts, cards, chocolates, and lots of love. This is one of the traditional ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day. To make this Valentine’s Day special and memorable you can take your partners to these below-listed romantic places.

Let’s have a look at the romantic places for Valentine’s date night in India.

Romantic places for Valentine’s date night in India

1. Movie Theatre

Indians love to watch Bollywood Movies. If you too love watching movies then you can plan a movie with your partner. Take your partner for a movie date and book the corner seats. It will add more romance and fascination to your relationship. Since you are planning a movie date for your partner then do not forget to ask them about their favourite movie. 

2. Malls 

Who does not love shopping? Especially women, women are notorious for their shopping habits but you can take advantage of this. Take your partner to the fancy mall and buy them their favourite attire and accessories. It will make them feel special and loved. 

3. Cafe

India has an array of cafes and hotels. The cafe is one of the most popular places for romantic dates. Indian cafe offers a variety of drinks and foods. If you are planning for Valentine’s date then take your loved ones to the cafe and serve them their favourite tangy and spicy dishes. 

4. Pub

Dancing is one of the best ways to celebrate every function and a pub is an ideal place to dance your heart out. The pub presents an assortment of spicy and chilled cocktails. The pub is the perfect place to socialize and solemnize. Raise a toast for your partner and make your Valentine’s Day significant.

5. Vacation

If you love travelling with your adored one then plan a short vacation this Valentine’s Day. India houses one of the most beautiful and heavenly places. It offers not only enamouring views but also peach. In this engrossed life, we hardly get time to spend quality moments with our cherished ones. Get rid of the busy life and take your partner on a vacation. 

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6. Candle Light Dinner

Candlelight dinner is one of the best ways to culminate Valentine’s Day. Candlelight dinner is a normal dinner illuminated by candles. Candlelight dinner turns the atmosphere romantic for the couples. Look into their eyes and express your love. Make them blush by serving delectable dishes. 

7. Visit the Romantic Garden

What else would be better than a romantic garden with lots of colourful and fresh flowers? Explore the city and take your partner for a long walk. The fragrance and beauty of flowers will make the environment even more charming. Hold your partner’s hand and have a heart-to-heart talk. Shower your love and affection to your partner and pamper them with the best gifts possible.

Valentine’s Day is an ordinary day like others but it is the love that makes it special. Do not wait for Valentine’s Day, make your partner feel special and loved each day. These small yet significant gestures will add warmth and devotion to your relationship. 


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