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Detailed Pre-Trip Checklist for International Travel

International travel is an utmost experience that everyone wants to have once in a lifetime. Arriving at the airport, boarding a flight, and flying high in the sky, these moments add priceless memories to our travel diaries. The thrilling experience of heading overseas can be turned scary if we forget to list out the essential things before takeoff. No matter if you are a consummate traveler or a newbie; everyone must prepare an ultimate checklist to have a hassle-free experience. Here is the detailed pre-trip checklist for international travel. 

Passport and Visa Check

The passport and visa requirements are the foremost thing to check to go ahead with the travel plans.

1. Passport Expiry Date

Go through the details available on the passport before you travel. Many countries require six months of validity on your passport before you depart for international travel. If you are applying for a visa to travel to a new country then do not delay. A passport is the most important thing to pack before travelling abroad. 


2. Visa Requirements 

Visa requirements differ from country to country, so make sure to visit the official visa website for the country you are travelling to know the visa requirements. Visa requirement is as essential as any other thing and should top your checklist. Make sure to carry multiple copies of all important documents.

Flight Tickets and Travel Insurance

Books your flight tickets and accommodation before you head out for international travel. Buy health and travel insurance to ward off unforeseen emergencies. 

1. Book Flight Ticket and Arrange Money Abroad

Think of your travel budget and book a comfortable flight and do not forget to book the accommodation to have a stress-free experience. Above all, arrange money for the country you are travelling to and always carry a credit or debit card to avoid petty issues.

2. Buy Travel Insurance

Life is unpredictable and so is the journey. Make sure to buy adequate health and travel insurance to protect yourself from unforeseen injuries. Travel insurance should cover the lost luggage, trip cancellation charges, and natural disasters. It will definitely save your money, if not then cover your medical cost. 

Covid-19 Safety and Medical Checkup

Travelling is enjoyable only after you follow the precautions to keep yourself safe from unexpected health issues. Covid safety and medical checkup should top your priority list before you travel overseas. Always abide by the Covid-19 appropriate behaviour to keep yourself and others safe from the virus.

1. Vaccination and Medical Checkup

The unexpected pandemic has changed the way of travelling and safety is something that one should never compromise with. A two-dose vaccination and a recent report of Covid test are mandatory to travel to any country. Make sure you have undergone a full body checkup to have most of your journey.

2. Mask and Sanitizers

Keep sanitizing your hands after regular intervals to prevent yourself from coming in contact with any sort of virus. Always wear a mask and carry essential medical products.

Essentials for International Travel

Since you are travelling abroad you need to take care of luggage weight and essential items to pack. Below is the list of items to pack before you travel abroad.

1. Clothes and Shoes

Everyone loves to dress up, especially while travelling. Travelling requires a lot of effort so always choose comfort over style. Make sure to carry a comfortable and sufficient number of clothes to enjoy your travel. It is so usual to click pictures while travelling so you need good outfits to post pictures on social media platforms. Avoid carrying redundant stuff to subside the pressure of managing things efficiently. Do not forget to pack comfortable shoes along with clothes.

clothes and shoes

2. Books and Headphones

Well, it is impossible to survive a long journey without entertainment. To keep yourself engrossed you can carry a lightweight book and headphones. Books and headphones will come in handy to escape the travel monotony.

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3. Cell Phone and Charger

Let’s just admit that we all cannot survive without a cell phone. A cell phone is one the foremost thing to pack as it comes in handy in multiple ways. It helps us stay connected with our dear ones and can be used as a source of entertainment. A cell phone with a high-quality camera helps capture the priceless moments of the journey. So if you have a cell phone you need a charger. Do not forget to carry a charger to enliven the joy of travelling.

4. Credit and Debit Card

Since you are travelling International it becomes so obvious for you to shop for your favorite and exotic items. A credit or debit card will surely save you from exchanging cash as some countries are mostly cash-free. 


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