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We all spend thousands of rupees in restaurants to relish the different sorts of cuisines. Though having dinner at restaurants adds more joy but sitting at a dinner table with our favourite people in the comfort of home is beyond words. Dinner means a meal that can help relieve the tedium of the entire day but savouring the same type of meal each day appears to be boring. Change in the meal brings immense happiness to eating and increases the appetite. Here is the list of Mexican recipes that you can try out for your dinner. Mexican food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world and is often cooked with lots of veggies that are highly beneficial for health. 

Well, we have a misconception that Mexican recipes require a lot of effort and are arduous to make. Surprising to your knowledge, Mexican recipes are super easy and made with ingredients easily available in our kitchen pantry. Instead of spending a huge sum of money at restaurants, try out these delicious Mexican recipes at home for dinner this week. 

List of Best Mexican Recipes to Try Out for Dinner –


1. Chicken Mole

Chicken is extensively popular among non-vegetarians and tastes better when simmered in a delectable sauce of onions, tomatoes, and chilli. A sweet touch of chocolate enhances the joy of eating. Pair it up with plain rice and relish your amazing dinner.

2. Guilt-Free Chili

The mouth-watering blend of kidney beans, chillies, onions, and tomatoes is full of flavours that go well with baked bread or nachos. To prepare this delicious dish all you need is soaked kidney beans and a variety of spices. Prepare a thick curry using tomato puree and add beans. Adorn the dish with fresh coriander and you are good to go.

3. Cheese Quesadillas

Cheese Quesadillas is a heated tortilla made with cheese and spices. Cheese Quesadillas is nothing but an Indian paratha that is usually served with tangy sauce and chutney. The stuffing of Quesadillas may vary as per your taste and requirement but this one will surely win your heart.

4. Scrambled Egg Burrito

The egg is quite popular for its versatility and can be used in multiple ways to make numerous dishes.  Prepare the scrambled eggs, spread over the leftover chapatti and your ravishing dinner is ready. Add onions and coriander to the filling to augment the taste. 

5. Taco Pizza

The heavenly combination of two favourite foods creates a super delicious Mexican dish that is enough to add sparkles to the dinner table. The recipe for taco pizza is similar to any other pizza that takes all the healthy ingredients such as onion, green veggies, corn, and tacos. Garnish taco pizza with spicy seasonings and melted cheese.

6. Taco Sandwich Roll

A mixture of crispy tacos and roasted veggies smothered between fluffy rolls is all you need for your dinner fiesta. The filling is not limited to veggies, you can also add meat. The Taco sandwich roll goes well with green salsas and other homemade dips. 

7. Mexican Fiesta Rice

The colourful rice bowl recipe brings colours to the dinner table and makes the eating even more ravishing. Mexican Fiesta Rice hardly takes 10 minutes to grace the platter and is usually accompanied by spicy curry. Add corn, black beans, tomatoes, and onions to a heated pan then add simmered rice. Garnish it with fresh coriander and spring onions.

8. Migas

The traditional breakfast of Mexico can be your best dinner meal that tastes better with everything served along. Whenever you feel to eat some exotic dinner that is easy yet delicious then Migas will surely work well for you. 

9. Creamy Spinach Enchiladas

The vegetarian dish loaded with sweet corn and spinach is something you should not miss. The hearty dish is a mixture of cream, and spinach and goes well with plain rice. Spinach enchiladas are a healthy dish that can be stored in a refrigerator to satiate the late-night craving.

10. Taco Al Pastor

Taco Al Pastor is finely chopped pieces of pork that are marinated in spicy pineapple sauce and usually served with sliced onions. A wide range of spices such as cumin, coriander, and oregano are used to make this scrumptious dish that is completely apt for dinner.

11. Chicken Burritos

There is nothing better to conclude a day with a delicious yet flavorful dish made with juicy chicken, spicy peppers, and salsa. Wrap up the filling in a fresh roll made with flour and devour it with your favourite dip. The recipe for chicken burritos is simple that is sure to please one and all.

12. Caramel Flan

How about concluding a meal with a super tasty dessert? Well, dinner appears to be incomplete without a dessert but not to worry when you have creamy custard topped with caramel sauce. The notable Mexican dessert is made with only three ingredients egg, milk, and sugar. Beat eggs, condensed milk, and vanilla until smooth to prepare this amazingly delicious dessert. Every single bite will surely leave you wanting more.


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