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In the hassle of life we hardly get time to spend quality moments with our family. From leaving early in the morning to having lunch at the office desk, the gruelling routine of life has devoid us sitting together at a family table. The one thing you can do is to have dinner together with all the members of the family. As dinner time is the only time when the entire family gets united. No joy can be greater than the joy of sitting at a family table and having a fun chit-chat with our favourite people. These precious moments not only amplify the pleasure of living but also give a memory of a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for? Here is the list of delicious family dinner ideas that are sure to please everyone. 


1. Paneer Butter Masala

The super delicious Indian dish made with paneer, spices, butter, and creamy gravy is every household favourite. All the ingredients used to prepare this dish are tempered using butter and are easily available in the kitchen pantry. The creamy dish is sure to give strong hunger pangs to everyone.


2. Rajma Chawal

One of the popular dishes of North India, Rajma Chawal has been ruling the hearts of people for many years. The thick creamy gravy made with fresh tomato puree will definitely compel you to touch the tip of your fingers.


3. Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani is the dream of every biryani lover. Aromatic spices are used to prepare this heavenly dish to enhance the taste and joy of eating. The long fine fragrant basmati rice will make you feel like paradise with every bite. 


4. Butter Chicken

The juicy chicken swimming in the creamy butter gravy is nothing but a treat for non-veg lovers. The most sought-after menu of restaurants can come to your home platter within a few minutes. 


5. Tadka Dal

As the name suggests, the tadka dal is a simple dal prepared using Indian lentils and tempered using chopped onion and cumin seeds. Tadka dal goes well with wheat loaves and plain rice. 


6. Dum Aloo

The most commonly available ingredient aloo is the star of this delectable dish. The thick curry prepared using yoghurt and cashew brings out a remarkable taste and flavour. Dum aloo is an ideal dish to plan a surprise family dinner. 


7. Manchurian and Fried Rice

Giving a twist to the dinner and having one of the popular dishes of Chinese cuisine on the family table will surely excite everyone. Even the children will start jumping in joy after seeing the delectable combination.


8. Goan Fish Curry

Just imagine a combination of spicy, salty, savoury, or creamy curry and roasted fish. This spices-filled dish will coerce you to drool with its aroma and taste. The delicious dish tastes even better when served with butter naan and fried rice.


9. Vegetable Pulao

The tempting yet healthy vegetable pulao is perfect for dinner and offers immense health benefits as lots of green veggies are used to cook this dainty dish. The recipe for vegetable pulao is simple and hardly takes fifteen minutes to grace the dinner plate.


10. Butter Cauliflower Curry

The spicy and tasty butter cauliflower curry is all that one wants for dinner. Tangy spices, butter, and fried cauliflower are used to cook this dish. Adorn your platter with this scintillating dish and add more zeal to your dinner meal.\


11. Rogan Josh

Another impressive dish made with tangy spices and creamy gravy is sufficient to turn your boring dinner exciting. One of the highly regarded dishes of Kashmir goes well with butter naan and onion rings. 


12. Palak Paneer

The green creamy dish prepared using spinach gravy and cheese cubes is an every dinner delight. The traditional method of making this healthy vegetarian dish is to blanch the spinach leaves and then add tomato puree alongside an assortment of spices. The taste of the dish will captivate your mind and heart as well. 


13. Kadhi Chawal 

The popular Gujarati dish is usually served with simmered rice and wheat loaves. The alluring colour of the dish is obtained using turmeric and saffron petals. Do not forget to add pakoras to this yummy dish. The fresh coriander leaves spread over kadhi augment the taste and pleasure. 


14. Almond and Cinnamon Kheer

Every Indian dinner is incomplete without this delectable sweet dish. Sitting at a dinner table with family and having this immensely sweet dish is nothing but a delight. A crispy bite of almonds enhances the taste and relieves the monotony. Kheer has numerous variants but this one is beyond words. 


15. Shahi Egg Curry

The egg is a popular ingredient because of the versatility it offers in cooking. The recipe for shahi egg curry is quick and easy as it barely takes fifteen minutes to get ready. The spices-filled curry will leave you licking your fingers. It is commonly accompanied by bread, plain roti, rice, and paratha.


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